🚀Getting Started

Discover how the Extractor app can safeguard your Smart Contracts from potential hacks


Hacken Extractor is an advanced on-chain smart contract security monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring of your smart contracts and alerts you of any suspicious activity to prevent potential hacks. With Hacken Extractor, you can rest assured that your smart contracts are secure, and take immediate action if any security threats are detected.

How does it work?

Hacken Extractor continuously monitors your smart contracts and checks every transaction against the triggers set by you. A trigger is a specific condition or set of conditions that are monitored. When these conditions are met, the monitoring system will alert you in real-time, providing complete monitoring and protection for your smart contracts. You have full control over the triggers, and can customize them to meet your specific security needs, ensuring that the monitoring system only reacts to important events.

Quick setup

  1. Sign up in the app.

  2. Select how would you proceed with a setup: automatically or manually. We recommend choosing automatically because you'll get personal monitoring recommendations based on your contract type.

  3. Add a contract.

  4. Select contract type.

  5. Configure triggers. For each trigger, you’ll get configuration instructions.

  6. Finally, set up your alert destinations, and you're all set!

Once setup is complete, smart contract monitoring is active, and you'll receive notifications if any of the conditions set up in the triggers are met.

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